About Me

Smoothing Paths to Allow Peace to Flourish – Mary Kay Huck

Love to read, write, walk our two dogs, ride horses, drink coffee with my husband on the porch (as long as it’s summer), listen to our kids share their life, play the piano, and did I say read?

The summer of 2011 brought our family down new paths: our son, Corey, got married in Maui; our daughter, Shaelee, graduated from the University of Colorado with a political science degree, and my husband, Galen, and I celebrated 28 years!

My husband is the Pastor of Cheyenne Hills Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and I head up the Hospital Visitation Team there. We also lead a small group of young couples with small children (a lot of small children!).  I spend Tuesday through Friday as the accountant at the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra, as well as education coordinator, and frequently update the website for the symphony.

Galen performed the marriage ceremony for Corey and Sami and one of my favorite pictures is posted below – the prayer of blessing. I’ve posted a couple more pics from the wedding – it was truly magical!

The Blessing

Corey and Sami

Me, Corey, Sami, Galen, Shaelee


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